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because you and your brand is so. much. more. than just a visual graphic. a brand without thought or a strategy is like nachos without cheese – it just doesn’t work, and will ultimately leave you wanting more.

timelines are dependent on the project and the responsiveness of you, the client. but, my goal for brand packages and website design is anywhere from 2-4 weeks to launch. however, I add an asterisk to this. my #1 priority is ensuring you love the result of what we do, and this might take longer than 2-4 weeks.

I believe in open communication from start to finish about where I am at, my headspace and if timelines need to be adjusted.

i build using Elementor pro via WordPress, and I host via siteground in which I have a personal account setup – for optimal responsiveness and performance.

you bet i do! we will discuss when we dive into the web build.

payment options are as follows:

  • %50 upfront, and %50 at a later date
  • %40 up front, %30 at a later date and %30 at completion
  • %100 up front

payment can be made via cheque, e-transfer or credit card.

this again depends on the project, but ultimately i need a clear vision of your needs and as much info as possible. think things like inspiration for a brand or website, description of your business, goals for the project, all website copy and media, and any other directive you think would be helpful for me.