meet the creator.

i am re'zilyent

Friends, welcome. I’m Carly, owner/creative director/lead design [pretty wild] of Re’zilyent Digital & Design. My roots reside in a small town, but my growth can be attributed to everything beyond.

This story begins at the University of Guelph. First graduating from a Marketing Management Co-op degree, where I honed my creativity and design eye. Since, I worked in the realm of communications and digital strategy at the U of G. I’ve always had a dream of building something more – finding what fuels me and pursuing that.

That’s what life’s about. Taking your passions and building your life around that – no question. For the past 9+ years, I found myself reaching for every opportunity to design, create and develop. There was a fire; I just needed to give it some oxygen.

I have a drive for design that’s undisputed, and I pride myself on what I’ve learned [and continue to], the relationships I’ve built and projects I’ve worked on. My willingness, patience and detail-oriented approach is what ensures my clients are satisfied; at every turn. That’s what’s led me here and what will carry me forward.

‘Resiliency’ is just that – moving forward, despite what hurdles may appear. That’s what writes your story, and I’m stoked to help you and your company tell that story. Together; we’ll pause, relax for a hot second and build what we set out to.