meet the creator.

A designer. A director. A coach. And your brands’ future hypewoman.

i am re'zilyent

Friends, welcome. I’m Carly, owner/creative director of re;zilyent digital + design. My roots reside in a small town, but my growth can be attributed to everything beyond.

I have a drive for design that’s undisputed, and I pride myself on what I’ve learned [and continue to], the relationships I’ve built and projects I’ve worked on. My experience, thoughtful innovation, patience and detail-oriented approach is what ensures my clients are satisfied; at every turn. That’s what’s led me here and what will carry me forward.

‘Resiliency’ is just that – moving forward, despite what hurdles may appear. That’s what writes your story – and I help businesses put pen to paper through confident, high end and holistic branding. Together; we’ll collaborate and innovate, and the results will instill joy, remove creative overwhelm and ignite your potential for growth.

Who am I outside of this biz? I am a coach, a fitness enthusiast, an explorer, an avid learner, a writer and a friend. I am extremely passionate about mental health, being open about it and keeping ones’ mind protected [my business is named after my own journey]. I look for joy and empathy in everything I do, and know that they are the key to an abundant life.

things I am passionate about:


being an amateur #foodie, especially on the hunt for baked goods and the ultimate fried chicken sandwich.


exploring and traveling the world, and spending as much time as possible outdoors.


putting pen to paper, or fingers to a keyboard, and writing. writing is a “safe space” for me and my mind.


my support system, friends // family and everything in between. there’s nothing more important in this life than those people that make you smile.


moving my body in the ways that keep it healthy and active, bring it joy and make it feel good.