client: plutonic search group

project type: branding | website design

mining recruitment, refined.

plutonic search group is a recruitment and human resources consulting practice with an exclusive focus on the mining and minerals industry. you’ll work directly with their founders, each with years of knowledge + experience working with mining developers, operators, engineers, and technology providers – so you’ll never get the “b” team.

right from the start, the gameplan with this brand (and the team) was simplicity. aka “refinement”, in actuality. we CRUSHED it from the start, and recognized that with an evolution of a new brand – staying true to their purpose + vision was the priority. she found a font that allowed us to move forward with typography vs. an icon (for now), complemented by beauuuutiful earthy tones that are found in the clients’ environment (we fought hard for these).

with the logo itself being very clean cut, we moved forward with adding in graphic elements to each material that include simple, free-form contour lines that reference the industry.