client: crossfit 1827

project type: branding | website design

where high intensity meets technique, quality of movement, integrity and intelligence

This gyms’ promise is that of high quality and high performance, all while emphasizing continual growth and evolution. I’ve been a part of this community for over 4 years; embedded in coaching and fitness, making this redesign mean that much more to me.

The approach was simple: find deep rooted meaning, while establishing trust and excitement. And that’s exactly what I did. I found inspiration in the original map of Guelph in 1827, with the diagonal streets leading to the river. The diagonals form the strength of a triangle – a symbol of the continual change that takes place within 1827’s four walls, physically and mentally. Also known as “Delta”, the triangle represents an ever-evolving focus, shifts in perspective, constant growth, and individual resilience.