client: canadian centre for agricultural wellbeing

project type: branding | website design

tackling farmer mental health issues with grassroots, evidence-based programming.

The Canadian Centre for Agricultural Wellbeing brings together national and global leaders in the agricultural mental health field to present evidence-based programming, research and education to address wellness-related challenges amongst an often forgot-about and stigmatized audience. The CCAW will be a pillar in the agricultural community, reviewing challenges such as the climate crisis, food insecurity, emerging diseases, and their impact on the wellbeing of those individuals whose livelihoods are directly effected.

The centre of a sunflower is chaotic. The seeds, uneven colouring, distorted view to the eye – it’s hard to find a clear focus. But when you take a moment and allow your eye to follow the chaos from the centre, you’ll notice a beautiful pattern that directs outwards towards the petals. The deep-rooted symbolism is representative of an anxious or depressive mind: chaotic, but beautiful. The CCAW’s brand shines a light on this through its simplistic rendition of this chaos, and what our agricultural community is passionate about: dirt into crops. Seeds into life. Struggle into growth.